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Whom did I get herpes from?

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I believe that my boyfriend infected me with HSV – II. When I confronted him, he blamed my ex for the infection. I am baffled. Can any test help me determine if my ex infected my current partner or me? Please let me know of a test that could distinguish between my ex-boyfriend’s and my current boyfriend’s strains. If yes, where can I get it done?


This is undoubtedly one of the most commonly asked questions about herpes. I completely understand what is going on in your mind. However, no commercially available tests could help you differentiate between two virus strands.

Suppose neither your ex nor your current partner has a documented HSV – II negative test before getting into the relationship and a positive post–a test that would assist in determining the timeline of infection. In that case, there is no way of knowing the individual source of infection. However, if your ex has tested negative for the HSV – 2 antibodies by IgG, you can be sure that that isn’t the reason for your condition.

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If the underlying question concerns your partner’s disloyalty, then you must address the issue. However, we do not think a herpes diagnosis can be considered a confirmation of betrayal. It is worth mentioning that barely 10% of adults with genital herpes are aware of their infection. Often, a positive test is a surprise.

Perhaps, counseling may be of great help. We also advise you to contact an STD expert or visit any STD care center that can help you deal with the infection. Websites like are great for connecting with STD counselors and industry experts.