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How to choose the best herpes dating site?

The year 2001 marked the inception of a new segment of online dating, named herpes dating. A herpes infection can prove to be a major obstacle in the pursuit of a relationship. Due to the stigma against herpes, people often find it difficult to open up to the idea of dating. The fear of rejection makes people with herpes live a life of loneliness and solitude.

Regardless of the amount of criticism they’ve received over the years, the truth remains that these sites have encouraged people to start dating again. Besides, they have also provided a great deal of information about herpes. Hundreds of websites have been launched since then that claim of serving herpes personals. However, it has been observed that only a handful of these sites actually effectively.

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Free vs. Paid

The online herpes dating industry has widely been divided into free and paid websites. These kinds of sites have their share of advantages and disadvantages, but experts believe that joining a paid dating site would prove to be beneficial.

Although you wouldn’t have to pay money to join a free dating site, you eventually pay a price for that. That price is your privacy. Spammers do not prefer paying to spam you. They would always look for dating sites that are 100% free so that they can absorb all your information. We believe that people who would like to safeguard their privacy and personal information wouldn’t mind paying.

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that would help you make a better choice:


  • Ask friends for recommendations about which herpes dating site suits you best.
  • Join a site that gives you complete control of every aspect in the profile including pictures.
  • Join a site that keeps your profile hidden from unregistered users. However, it is okay if the profile is made visible to non – premium users.
  • Join a site that allows users to become verified or certified.
  • Join a site that keep your login credentials safe and have secure payment gateways.
  • Join a site that employs an effective profile filtering process so as to keep spammers away.

Do not:

  • Join a site that allows fake registrations to boost their membership base.
  • Join a site that makes your pictures / profile information to unregistered users.

To make the process of finding the ideal herpes dating site easier, we have picked 5 sites that you may consider. To view the list, click here.

Herpes dating site


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