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What’s The New Trend In Beds? Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Something about the smell of wood in the morning just makes you feel good. It’s natural, earthy, and gives off a feeling of warmth and comfort. That’s why wooden furniture is becoming increasingly popular in the bedroom – it’s a trend that combines style with practicality, and it looks set to continue in the years to come.

The benefits of wooden furniture

Wood furniture has many benefits, including its natural beauty and durability. Wood is a classic material that never goes out of style and can last for decades with proper care. Wooden furniture is also versatile, as it can be stained or painted to match any décor. Additionally, wood is a renewable resource, so choosing wooden furniture is an eco-friendly choice.

If you’re looking for something different in your bedroom, consider furnishing it with beautiful, long-lasting wooden furniture. You’ll love the classic look of the wood, and you’ll appreciate the many benefits it has to offer!

The different types of wood

A few different types of wood are popular for furniture, including cherry, maple, and oak. Each type of wood has its unique grain and colour, so you can choose the one that best fits your style. Oak is a solid and sturdy wood often used for bed frames and other large pieces of furniture. Cherry is a softer wood that is often used for dressers and nightstands. Maple is a versatile wood that can be used for various pieces, from coffee tables to headboards.

Why wood is the new trend

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, many homeowners are looking for ways to incorporate eco-friendly materials into their homes. One of the most popular home design trends right now is sustainable wood furniture.

There are many reasons why wood furniture is becoming so popular. First, it’s a renewable resource, so it’s much better for the environment than products made from non-renewable materials like plastic or metal.

Wood furniture is also very durable so it can last for many years with proper care. And because it’s so sturdy, it can be quickly passed down from one generation to the next.

Another reason why wood furniture is gaining popularity is that it’s very versatile and can be used in any home décor. Wooden furniture will suit your taste, whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style.

If you’re considering adding some wood furniture to your home, don’t wait – this trend will only become more popular in the future!

How to care for your wood furniture

When it comes to caring for your wood furniture online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Always use a coaster when placing any beverage on your table. This will help prevent water rings.
  2. Avoid using cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals, as these can damage the finish of your furniture.
  3. Dust your furniture regularly using a soft, dry cloth.
  4. Clean up if you spill anything on your table immediately to prevent staining.

Following these simple tips can keep your wood furniture looking new for years.

Where to buy wooden furniture

There are many great places to buy wooden furniture these days. You can find some fantastic deals online, or you can head to your local furniture store.

If you’re looking for something specific, like a particular bed frame style, you might have to do a bit of searching to find the perfect piece. But overall, there are plenty of great options for those who want to add a touch of wood to their home.

Here are a few of our favourite places to buy wooden furniture:


Craftatoz is one of the largest online retailers, and they have a great selection of wooden furniture. You can find everything from beds and dressers to coffee tables and chairs. And if you’re looking for something truly unique, they even have a section called “Artisan Made”, where you can find handcrafted pieces from around the world.


Evok is another excellent option for those looking for affordable wooden furniture. They have a wide range of styles and prices, so you’re sure to find something that fits your budget. And if you need help putting it together, their website has plenty of resources and instructions.

Maintenance and care

Before purchasing any furniture, you should consider how easy it will be to care for. Some materials, like leather, require special cleaners and conditioners that can be expensive. Other materials, like microfiber, can be easier to manage but may require more frequent cleaning. Consider how often you are willing to clean your furniture and what kind of cleaning products you are comfortable using before purchasing.

It would help if you also thought about the overall maintenance of the piece of furniture. Some components, like recliners, have moving parts that require occasional lubrication. Others, like wooden furniture, may need to be polished or refinished from time to time. Consider how much time and effort you will put into maintaining your furniture before making a purchase.

Where to buy

There are a few things to consider before purchasing furniture. First, you need to decide where you want to buy the furniture. A few different options are available, such as furniture stores, online retailers, and auction sites. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Furniture stores are a good option if you want to see the furniture in person before you buy it. You can also try out the table to see if it is comfortable. However, furniture stores typically have higher prices than other options.

Online retailers often have lower prices than furniture stores. You can also find a more comprehensive selection of furniture online. However, you will not be able to see or try out the table before you buy it.

Auction sites can be a good option if you are looking for a bargain. However, it is essential to be careful when bidding on auction sites. Make sure you know the total value of the item before you bid so that you do not overspend.

Custom or ready-made?

When purchasing furniture, one of the first things you need to decide is whether you want custom or ready-made pieces. Custom furniture is made to order, so you can choose the exact style, materials, and size you want. Mass-produced furniture is already created and can be found in stores or online. It usually costs less than custom furniture, but you might have to compromise on some aspects.

Another thing to consider is the material of the furniture. If you have pets or small children, you might want to avoid delicate materials like glass or silk. Instead, opt for something more durable like wood or metal.

Finally, think about the size of the furniture. If you have a small space, you’ll need to be careful not to choose too large or bulky pieces. Conversely, if you have a lot of space, you can go for larger details that make a statement.

There are a lot of factors to consider before purchasing furniture. But if you take the time to think about what you need, you’ll be sure to find pieces perfect for your home.

Warranties and guarantees

When you are purchasing furniture, it is essential to consider the warranties and guarantees that are available. Some furniture companies offer limited warranties that cover only certain defects. Other companies may offer full refunds or replacements for any damages that occur.

Reading the fine print of any warranty or guarantee before making a purchase is essential. This will help you understand what is covered and what is not covered. Additionally, it is necessary to keep your receipt or proof of purchase in case you need to make a claim later on.

Consider the length of the warranty or guarantee when making a purchase. For example, a five-year contract may be more beneficial than a one-year warranty. Also, consider whether the coverage is worth the price of the furniture. Warranties and guarantees can add an extra layer of protection, but they also add to the overall cost of the table.


There’s no doubt that wooden furniture is having a moment right now. More and more people are choosing to furnish their homes with beautiful, natural pieces made from sustainable materials. If you’re looking for a new bed, consider opting for a wooden one. You’ll find endless style possibilities to suit any taste, and you’ll be able to enjoy the piece for many years to come.