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Will herpes have an impact on my ability to have children?


Question: I’ve just been diagnosed  or living with herpes and have no clue on what to expect in the future. One of my concerns is our sex life – the impact of this diagnosis as well as the prospects of having a baby without passing the infection.

Answer: People think ‘sex is dangerous’ and the fact that it may lead to transmission of herpes only adds to the misery. Although it is true that exchange of body fluids is associated with spread of sexually transmitted infections such as herpes and HIV, allowing it to over-ride the feeling of physical intimacy isn’t welcome. In fact, you can enjoy great intimacy without even having to physically touch the other person.

Your healthcare provider would suggest a protocol that would prevent the occurrence of outbreaks or spread of infection to your partner. However, this doesn’t mark an end of physical pleasure. Do not allow this to dominate the erotic connection between you and your partner. I’d advise you to explore all the exciting things you can enjoy that do not involve oral, anal or vaginal sex. From erotic talk to role – playing, the list is endless.

On the other hand, I would like to mention that the chances of a mother giving herpes to her infant are bleak. According to statistics, birth – acquired herpes is found in less than 2% of the cases. However, we advise you to speak with your doctor regarding this so that adequate measures can be taken at the time of delivery. As a matter of fact, mothers living with herpes are recommended to undergo a C – section that would ensure the baby never comes in direct contact with the infected genitals.

So relax! Follow all the medical advice you’re given and try getting a little creative in the bed.