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Having Herpes Gave Me the Opportunity to Educate People: Dorine Borowski

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I lost my virginity to my gym instructor at the age of 19. I still remember the day. It was raining cats and dogs and he had offered to drop me home. It all started with a kiss and ended up with him gifting me with the herpes simplex virus.

Everything was fine until one day I developed rashes accompanied with moderate fever. I am allergic to a few things and thought it would be a reaction to an allergen. I took the regular medicine but it didn’t work. When the condition didn’t improve for 3 days, I decided to see the doctor. After a series of tests, I got to know that I had been affected with herpes.

My sex life was like a clean slate except for the one time when I had sex with my gym instructor 3 years ago. I was taken aback by the fact that he didn’t think twice before engaging in sex despite having herpes.

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I did extensive research on the subject and met several researchers that had dealt with people with herpes. I found out that herpes doesn’t always show symptoms and you could have it without knowing that you’re infected. By this time I had understood that the person I had sex with had no clue that he was carrying the infection. I made it a point to educate people about herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases.

I became a member of various herpes communities, both online and offline, including herpes dating sites. This gave my life the kind of boost that I had been looking for. I discovered that there were dating services exclusively for those affected with herpes. I made a lot of friends, connected with people that were living happily with herpes for over 10 years. In a matter of 4 months, I too managed to find someone special.

Herpes dating site

James and I made it a point to educate people about STDs. We took to dating and support communities and shared our stories. We realized that there were many myths surrounding herpes and how people looked at those that were infected with this virus. Soon, we began visiting schools and college to give lectures about how they could avoid contracting this infection.

We have been together for over 6 months now and sharing knowledge related to herpes and other STDs have been our common objective. If you’ve come across anyone saying that herpes would mark an end to your love life, it is absolutely false. Although you might have to follow a few precautions, you can still deal with it in a very effective manner. Above all, your love life wouldn’t take a blow.

For all those people with herpes, there is nothing to be worried about. Having herpes is no big deal. While I do agree that being infected with herpes can make you lonely, it is recommended you join a specialist herpes dating site so that you can connect with like – minded people. If you make an effort, you’d also be able to find a life companion there. And, make sure you’re open about your herpes status as hiding it will only make things worse.