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A Brief History and Background

PositiveSingles, founded in 2001, has a storied history that spans over two decades. Its inception was driven by a profound need within the online dating landscape – to provide a haven for singles dealing with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Over the years, the platform has evolved and adapted to the changing digital landscape, consistently striving to offer the best possible experience for its members.

Target Audience and Mission: PositiveSingles proudly serves a specific yet vitally important demographic: singles with STDs. Its mission is not merely to facilitate romantic connections but to foster a supportive community where individuals can navigate the complexities of relationships with empathy and understanding.

The platform recognizes that living with an STD can be isolating and challenging. The stigma surrounding these conditions often prevents open and honest conversations in the dating world. PositiveSingles seeks to break down those barriers, providing its members with a safe and non-judgmental space. It empowers individuals to pursue meaningful connections and relationships, free from the fear of rejection or discrimination.

Our Mission: A Comprehensive Insight into PositiveSingles

Welcome to our comprehensive editors’ review of PositiveSingles. Our mission is to delve deep into the heart of this platform, uncovering its strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. Whether you’re a newcomer navigating the world of online dating or seeking a more tailored experience due to your STD status, we’re here to provide you with an informed perspective.

In this review, we will explore the various facets of PositiveSingles. From its user-friendly interface to the efficacy of its matchmaking algorithms, we leave no stone unturned. We’ll discuss the safety measures to protect your privacy and the success stories that inspire hope. By the end, you’ll clearly understand whether PositiveSingles is the right dating platform for you.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on this journey through the world of PositiveSingles, a platform where understanding and connection flourish and where love knows no boundaries.


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Is PositiveSingles a Paid Service?

This is a premium dating service, but users wouldn’t have to shell out a fortune to access the advanced features. As a free user, you could exchange winks and browse through the site in search of true love. In addition, the blog and forum sections would also be accessible. The biggest drawback of being a standard user is that you would need to be able to initiate a private conversation with any other user.

The subscription charges are stated as under:

  • Premium subscription of 1 month: $33.99
  • Premium subscription of 3 months: $69.99
  • Premium subscription of 6 months: $109.99

The membership fee can be paid using a credit card / check card / PayPal or through Money Order.

Please note that prices may vary, and PositiveSingles occasionally offers discounts and promotions, especially for longer-term subscriptions. It’s advisable to check the website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

List of features

Depending on your membership choice – standard or gold- you could access a particular set of features. The following features would be accessible to standard users of this site:

  • Free registration and creation of a comprehensive profile.
  • Exchange unlimited winks (pre-written messages) and e – greetings.
  • Respond to emails and instant messages.
  • Use the quick search option based on age, sex, and location.
  • Add up to 26 photos to the profile of 2MB each.
  • Read and write blogs.
  • Create discussions in the forum section and share your opinion on others’ conversations.
  • Check out informative blogs and inspirational stories shared by other users.
  • Read success stories shared by those that found their ideal match.
  • Read treatment stories shared by others and share yours too.
  • Avail around the clock customer support.
  • Check out the extensive FAQ section.

In addition to the options mentioned above, the following would be accessible to gold members.

  • Get in touch with a dating counsellor.
  • Connect with an STD expert via live chat or email.
  • Initiate a private conversation via the built–in email or instant messenger.
  • Use the advanced search option – search based on zip code, horoscope, interests, hobbies, verified status, personality traits, and many more parameters.
  • Read informative blogs on STDs such as HIV, HSV, and HPV, among others, shared by industry experts.
  • Create private photo albums and control who views it.
  • Avail priority customer support.
  • Get a dedicated profile manager.

Editor’s Verdict

Having heard many positivesingles reviews about the site, the expectations were very high. Fortunately, the website stood up to the hype, and we were very impressed by the way the website deals with the sensitive issue of STDs. PositiveSingles emerges as a specialist dating platform that aims to bring together STD personals from across the globe to a common platform for fun, long-term relationships, and friendships.

We found the user interface to be intuitive and easy to use. It isn’t as complex as some of the other sites we’ve reviewed, which is undoubtedly good news for those new to online dating. Moreover, all the critical features are available on the dashboard, and you wouldn’t have to search for them.

Interact with a more extensive section of the audience.

For those looking to interact with a more extensive audience section, the blog and forum areas would help. On the other hand, if you’re looking to have a private chat with someone, you view as a potential partner. The email and IM features are worth having a shot at. While standard membership of this site offers access to a decent set of options, the experience of being a premium user is unmatched.

You are prioritized as a premium user by the customer support cell and have the authority to tweak many privacy options that make your experience safe. You get complete control of your profile being a premium user. From the information in the profile to photo albums, everything can be hidden from other users. The advanced search option allows users to find a compatible partner based on a host of parameters.

Besides, as a premium user, you’d also be able to hide your profile from search listings and block other users. However, the most significant advantage of being a premium user is getting access to a live STD counsellor and dating experts that can help you find true love. There are also informative blogs that you can check out and learn about the tips and tricks of finding and dating STD singles.

Is PositiveSingles worth joining?

Yes, indeed. PositiveSingles.com is a winner in every aspect. It has all the essential tools you expect in a herpes dating site. In addition, it offers terrific value for money, which is a deciding parameter for most people. The website is built to impress a broad section of the audience with different needs, preferences, and of course, STDs. Moreover, as the site has a membership base of over a million users, there would be a sufficient number of people to connect with.

If you’re looking for a reliable dating platform that could connect you with STD positive singles from across the globe, this site is worth considering.

Additionally, here are some valuable resources for support and education related to STDs:

These resources provide information, guidance, and support for individuals dealing with STDs and can be valuable sources of knowledge and community.

PositiveSingles.com FAQs

1. What is PositiveSingles.com?

PositiveSingles.com is an online dating platform dedicated to individuals living with herpes, HIV, and other STIs. The site’s mission is to create an inclusive and non-discriminatory community where members can find love, support, friendship, and meaningful connections.

2. Can anyone join PositiveSingles.com?

While PositiveSingles.com is primarily designed for individuals with herpes and STIs, it is an inclusive platform that also welcomes those without these conditions. The goal is to create an environment where all members can interact with understanding and empathy.

3. Is PositiveSingles.com safe and secure?

Yes, PositiveSingles.com places a strong emphasis on user safety and privacy. The platform offers profile verification, private messaging, and other security features to ensure your online dating experience is safe and secure.

4. Are there success stories on PositiveSingles.com?

Indeed, many members have shared their success stories on PositiveSingles.com. These stories highlight the positive impact the platform has had on their lives, including finding love, forming meaningful relationships, and connecting with a supportive community.

5. Do I need to disclose my herpes or STI status on PositiveSingles.com?

It is strongly encouraged to be open and honest about your herpes or STI status on PositiveSingles.com. Being transparent about your condition fosters trust and transparency within the community, which can lead to more meaningful connections.


PositiveSingles.com provides various resources, including forums and blogs, where members share their experiences and insights about living with herpes and other STIs. You can also contact the live counselor support available on the platform for guidance and support.

PositiveSingles.com is committed to providing a supportive and understanding community for individuals living with herpes and STIs. We hope to empower you to navigate the platform confidently, find meaningful connections, and embark on a stigma-free journey towards love and support by addressing these FAQs.

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