Herpes Virus

Can Herpes Virus have an impact on your Brain?

There are a lot of viruses that stay in the body in a dormant state and the herpes virus is certainly one among those. In a YouTube video, Anna Rothschild explains how the herpes virus never leaves your body and remains hidden from the immune system. The virus goes through a phase where it remains inactive in the neurons. A recent study has shown that it might also sneak into your brain.

However, there is nothing to be worried about that as it happens to roughly two in a million people. The virus travels all the way into the temporal lobe and affects you in very unique ways. For instance, people that could survive this virus attack reported specific damage that made it extremely difficult for them to make class categorizations that a normal individual makes on a daily basis and with ease.

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Individuals that have suffered from the viral attack on their brain, found it difficult to distinguish between colors and things. It has also been observed that the nature of these anomalies differ from one individual to another. The nature of such cases has allowed scientists from across the globe to learn more about how the brain processes various pieces of information.

This new study would also give scientists an opportunity to study the virus and find out any viable treatments. Researchers have already begun using a genetically modified strand of the Herpes simplex virus to combat cancer.

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