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Are People Living With Herpes Likely to Get Alzheimer’s?

An editorial published in London’s Telegraph said Alzheimer’s disease can be caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus, which causes cold sores. A worldwide team of 31 dementia experts from Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, the Imperial College and Manchester University had collectively written an editorial suggesting that microbes that cause cold sores and Chlamydia are the major […]

Herpes News

NASA to Spend $80,000 to Study How the Herpes Virus Mutates In Space

NASA has awarded researchers at the University of Florida $80,000 to study how the herpes virus mutates during a spaceflight. This project has been named “Effect of Spaceflight on Herpes Virus Genome Stability and Diversity.” NASA said, “The goal of this study will be to determine the changes in the genomic and mutational diversity that […]

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My boyfriend has herpes. Do I have it too?

Question: My boyfriend has herpes. Are there any chances that he might have given it to me? This is my first relationship and I’ve never had sex with anyone else earlier. How do I find out if I’ve been infected with genital herpes? Answer: We are glad that your boyfriend had the courage to confront […]

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Drug That Uses the Herpes Virus to Fight against Cancer

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States approved a first-of-its-kind drug that employs the herpes virus to penetrate and completely destroy skin cancer tumors. The injectable drug from Amgen Inc. was approved by the FDA yesterday. The new drug would be used to treat patients with melanoma, which is regarded as the deadliest […]

Herpes News

Can Herpes Virus have an impact on your Brain?

There are a lot of viruses that stay in the body in a dormant state and the herpes virus is certainly one among those. In a YouTube video, Anna Rothschild explains how the herpes virus never leaves your body and remains hidden from the immune system. The virus goes through a phase where it remains […]